Cross Land Cord Pull Operated Roller Outdoor/Exterior Solar Sun Shade/Blinds for Patio Garden Porch,Cabana,Home UV Protection, Green/Beige


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 Cross Land Cord Pull Operated Roller Outdoor Shade for Patio Lawn Garden Pergola Porch, Home 

Cross Land Exterior Sun Shade

       Relax, stay cool, and enjoy the afternoon sun while significantly reducing the heat gain in your home,patio, or deck, with Exterior Roller shades. This weatherproof semi-private exterior sunshade will protect your furniture and offer UV protection, shielding you skin from harsh sun rays.

       Exterior shades not only can keep you cool, they will also reduce the sun’s glare. You can comfortably stay out on the porch as long as you want and read, enjoy the outdoors, or chat with a friend. shades significantly block the sun’s heat and allow air flow, substantially reducing temperatures and energy costs. This durable, waterproof, mold proof, mildew proof, and fade resistant fabric will not crack, split, or tear.
        To clean your shade, simply rinse with water and soap and scrub with a soft brush.


  • Cord Pull design for easy roll-up and roll-down.
  • Woven polyethylene is light and durable while providing excellent UV protection, Reduce sunlight and glare inside or outside of your home.
  • Breathable fabric allows air flow, substantially reducing temperatures and energy costs.
  • Enhance Outdoor Comfort By Blocking Direct Sunlight, UV Exposure, and Blinding Glare
  • Up to 88% UV Block Protects People, Pets, and Furnishings
  • Easy to Install and Operate Roller Chain Clutch Featuring a Child Safety Tension Device